Rules & Regulations

The A’nowara’ko:wa Arena asks all persons to abide by all of the following rules and regulations.
  • Alcohol/chewing tobacco and/or drugs are not allowed in the arena at all times.
  • The Arena is a designated Smoke free environment at all times.
  • An ice rental hour is defined as 50 minutes.
  • Dressing room keys are available at the concession. Teams are responsible to keep dressing rooms locked.
  • There should be adequate policing and/or supervision at all times within the Arena by the rental user groups.
  • Parents are responsible and will be held accountable for the safety/conduct of their children.
  • Team coaches & managers will be held responsible for any misconduct or damages to property incurred by their players or spectators accompanying their team while they are in the arena.
  • No horse play in the dressing room as teams will be responsible for any injury/damages that may occur.
  • Players must stay off the ice until the Ice Resurfacer has left the ice and the back rink door is shut.
  • No one except the team trainer, manager, coach, arena staff, or medical personnel are allowed on the ice without skates.
  • Teams must leave the dressing rooms reasonably clean within 25 minutes after the finish of a game or practice.
  • The A’nowara’ko:wa Arena will not be responsible for any thefts, intentional injury and/or
  • damages to anyone or to personal property while in the Arena or Arena property.
  • The Arena is not available to be rented on Designated Holidays, as specified in the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Policy.
  • In the event of problems occurring with the operation of this facility contact the
  • A’nowara’ko:wa Arena Maintenance Personnel on duty or the Arena at (613) 936-1583
  • Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

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