Rental Rates

Ice Rental
Non-Prime Time Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm
9pm – 11pm
Prime Time Monday – Friday 5pm – 9pm $135/hr
Prime Time Saturday & Sunday 8am – 11pm $135/hr
Schools Standard Rate Non-Prime $65/hr
Minors Standard Rate $90/hr
Jr. Wolves Standard Rate $90/hr Practice $270/GM


Floor Rentals
Minors Standard Rate $45/hr
Jr. Clubs Standard Rate $55/hr Practice $250/GM
Sr. Clubs Standard Rate $65/hr Practice $250/GM


Turtle Room Rental
Meetings & Parties 1 Hr $20
2 Hr $35
3 Hr $50
Full Day Up to 10 Hr $100/Day


Party Packages
Party Package #1 Ice for 1.5 hr & Turtle Room for 3 Hr $100
Party Package #2 Ice for 2 hr & Turtle Room for 4 Hr $150
Party Package #3 Floor for 1.5 hr & Turtle Room for 3 Hr $75
Soccer/Lacrosse Field
All User Groups $20
Tournaments If Includes use of Locker Rooms or Turltle Room $100/day


In order to book an event you will have to fill out and sign a contract with the Arena
which you can get either at the Arena office or downloaded from our page on the MCA website. We also require a 25% deposit. If you cancel on the day of your event you will not be refunded your deposit.