A’nowara’ko:wa Arena Facility & Grounds Development Updates

The A’nowara’ko:wa Arena is scheduled to open on Monday, April 16, 2018 for the spring and summer season. The arena will be available to serve athletes and community members through lacrosse games, practices, and tournaments, in-line rock & skate, Pickle Ball, the Tewa’a:ra’ton Festival, Energy fair, Country Fest Fair, Akwesasne International Powwow, and community activities and meetings, to name just a sample of what’s scheduled this spring and summer.

The arena staff greatly appreciates the work Tehotiiennawakon staff has done to confirm Canada 150 funding, and an Ontario legal gaming and ADEF grant, which has assisted us financially in the purchase of a new scoreboard, road side sign, historical markers, a new concession stand, two new chillers, and a bike path which construction will begin for this summer. Also the MCA Community Health Program is renovating a room into a fitness room for the community. Thank you all for your contributions to our community arena.

The arena now has video surveillance inside and outside of the facility, for the safety and security of the facility and the community.

The arena needs all clients and guests to move cautiously around facility and grounds, due to renovation and construction that will continue throughout the spring & summer season. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to welcoming you back to our arena.

Appreciation to MCA departments, especially DTS & Finance for their assistance in making sure the Canada 150 project gets completed and goes smoothly. Thank you.


Kahnastatsi Jacobs
Arena Manager

Spring & Summer Activities

Date: Activity: Time: Location:
Fri. April 28 Arena Open House, Fitness Classes & Rock Rollerblade 5-10pm Lobby, Turtle room, Pavilion & Arena Rink
April 18-Aug. 4 Akwesasne Minor Lacrosse Mon-Sun Arena Rink
April 18-Aug. 3 Jr. B Indians Lacrosse Practices Tue & Thurs. Games Vary Arena Rink
April 24-Aug. 28 Akwesasne Roller Derby Monday’s


Arena Rink
April 29-Sept. 2nd Masters Lacrosse Saturday’s


Arena Rink
April 23-Sept 3 Women’s Warriors


Arena Rink
June 2-August 11 Rock & Roller blade Friday 8-10 Arena Rink
June 10th Iakwastastha Youth Fitness Festival




Arena grounds, rink, turtle room & lobby
April 20 to June 23, 2017 MCA Community Health

Track Fitness

Thursday & Friday


Arena Track around rink
April 18-June 22


MCA Community Health

Lunch Fitness

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Arena Grounds
June 24th-

Aug 5

Ball Hockey

Ages 16-over



Arena Rink
June 24-Aug 19 Adult Badminton Saturdays


Arena Rink
June 25-Aug 20 Family Badminton Sundays


Arena Rink
July 1st Team EDN Sport Activities for all.

Fireworks at 10pm




Arena Grounds, Rink, Lobby, Pavilion, Turtle room
August 5th Badminton tournament Saturday 9-5pm Arena Rink
August 8-11 Sport & Fitness Camp for ages 6-12 Tue-Fri.


Arena Grounds, Rink, Lobby, Pavilion
June 4th Jr. Lacrosse Founders Cup Banner Raising Sunday


Arena Pavilion & Rink


Friday April 28, 2017
5-10 p.m.

Sports, Fitness, Health and Wellness
Information Booth
Rock and Rollerblade
D.J. Music
Fruits and Veggie Snacks for ALL

Sponsored by:
MCA Community Health & ACFS

Multi-Sport & Cultural Camp




Camp List of things to bring, No electronic toys or cell phones.
Sleeping bag, sheets, blankets & pillow
Water bottle, umbrella, folding chair, binoculars, lacross stick
Guitar, water drum, hand drum, & rattle
Sneakers, water shoes, hiking shoes, sandels
Long pants, shorts, t-shirts, bandana, hat & rain gear
Towels, toothbrush, shampoo, comb/brush, personal meds
Sunscreen, Bug spray with geet, hand wipes,
Note Pad/pen, fishing gear, Jiffy popcorn or mashmallow

A big smile and appreciation for mother earth